Tuesday, 22 January 2013

On Blogging in Boden

My resolve has slipped.  Daily blogging not happening and alcohol abstinence also abandoned. Still enjoying writing this blog even if only a few intrepid explorers are viewing it. So will write as the muse strikes, rather than seeing it as a chore. And a couple of glasses of red at the weekend is actually beneficial to health so they say...

Above is chosen outfit for weekend drinks at a friend's house:  my recently purchased Boden print dress.  Still not sure about it  - going off this kind of dress though Fashion Girl approved of the the outfit.  (She went too - it was a parents and kids do - and wore her new T-shirt which says GEEK in large letters and a pair of geek-style fake glasses from Claire's to complete the look.) 

Somehow felt a bit frumpy in this dress beside the other mums there.  I'm the oldest as I didn't have Fashion Girl until I was 40 but usually manage to hide this with the help of hairdye and Spanx.  Certainly couldn't match the on trend dress from Zara worn by my style-icon Spanish friend.   It was knitted, so was suitably cosy for the weather and had faux leather sleeves. 

Johnny Boden is attempting to break my no shopping resolution by sending me tempting emails discounting the new collection.  After this weekend I may continue to resist and check out Zara instead.

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