Thursday, 3 January 2013

Wardrobe Edit

One of my goals for the year is to buy less (or fewer to be more grammatical) clothes and to make smarter choices about what I do buy.  There are too many impulse buys in my wardrobe especially separates which don't go with anything else.  So this month I plan to edit out those things I don't wear at all and make a list of what is needed to make the best of what I have got.

I've been inspired to do this by reading 'Just a little less' which is a great blog about minimalism with beautiful photos and several posts about creating a capsule wardrobe.  I was interested in the posts about Project 333 which encourages subscribers to limit their wardrobe to 33 items over 3 months.  So the plan for this weekend is to select the 33 items.  May be a challenge though as Dolly Mixtures at Just a Little Less based hers around black and grey co-ordinating items whereas I am a colour addict.  

Today wore a favourite skirt from Phase Eight called Lisy Jacquard with red geometrical print. There are still some left in the sale. I bought it last autumn and it's one of the items I have nothing I like to wear with.  Today wore rather tatty black ribbed polo and black jacket.  Any other ideas gratefully received.

Still struggling with camera so here's the skirt from the website rather than on me. Women's Black/Cherry Lisy Jacquard A Line Skirt

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