Tuesday, 8 January 2013

Secret Blogger no more

Today I came clean and told my husband about the blog.  Had been posting in secret but now I've reached my first milestone a whole week of daily posts without deleting the lot, decided to tell him.  Well used to my various experiments in creative writing, he wasn't that surprised. He hasn't actually read it yet though.  I've quite enjoyed writing these posts though it's taking a long time mainly because of my lack of technical competence.  I also keep getting distracted by reading other blogs - there are some fabulous ones out there which have really inspired me.

Not much time for reading with all this blogging, but did read a bit with Fashion Girl the last two nights.  She still suffering from a really nasty cold but has struggled bravely through exam week at school, bless her.  But in the evenings she's gone back to being a little girl and last night she wanted me to read to her in bed.  She's reading Ketchup Cloud by Annabel Pitcher. Ordered this for FG as a Christmas present as we'd both read and loved her debut novel 'My Sister Lives on the Mantlepiece' in the summer.  She was nominated for a Carnegie award for that novel which is why we read it as we were shadowing the judging.  She captured perfectly the voice of her child narrator and the reality of family life in the way that Jacqueline Wilson does so well.  And FG loves Jacqueline Wilson.

So therefore was happy to read a bit of Ketchup Cloud to her as we snuggled up under her duvet last night.  Didn't get very far.  This time the narrator is a 16 year old girl rather than the 10 year old boy who narrates 'My Sister'.  And the chapter we read describes her going to a party, drinking vodka, going for a walk with a boy...That's when I decided to stop after I skim-read the next page in advance.  Books should be marked with an age rating like films!  Thought about taking it off her to read when she is older but not much point now.

Actually two of the most enjoyable books I have read in the past year have come from the Carnegie shortlist. 'A Monster Calls' by Patrick Ness moved me to tears.  The original idea for the novel came from wonderful Northern Irish writer Siobhan Dowd who sadly died from cancer before she could complete it.  You can probably guess what the 'Monster' in the title turns out to be.   And 'Trash' by Andy Mulligan was a really good read too, a real page turner with a happy ending this time.

Not much fashion today so apologies if that's what you are expecting, dear reader, if you are there at all.


  1. My blog is one of a long list of started/abandoned/dreamed/attempted/forgotten creative writing pursuits for me too. And like you I almost hesitate to tell my husband about these pursuits anymore for fear I'll begin to look foolish. But so far I've managed to blog for a whole 10 month, so . . . we'll see. Meanwhile, I get distracted by other people's amazing blogs at least 5 times a day.

  2. Thanks for commenting. Love your blog and 'To Kill a Mockingbird' even though I have taught it countless times. Like to think I am Miss Maudie..