Wednesday, 2 January 2013

Shades of Grey at Fifty

Back to work and ready to face building which hadn't been heated for a couple of weeks so choose to wear cosy combination of light grey ribbed polo and my Celtic Sheepskin slate grey box-shaped cardigan. Have tried to do a link to it here since my camera battery is dead and so haven't taken a photo of mine. This is from their website. Not sure if it will work.

This was a Christmas present last year and has been worn a lot. Like the boxy shape and the buttons, but the upper part of the arms is a bit bulky.  It's not too granny-like I think because of the neckline and the shape.  It's still in this year's catalogue also coming in blue and natural and it's on offer for £55 at the minute.  Which is what I think I paid for it last year. Well worth it though, because unlike the Next one featured yesterday it hasn't gone all ball-y.  So price-per-wear it's better value.

So far this blog has been more fashion than the fiction or folly also promised.  So thought I'd say a little about the literary allusion featured in my post title (Perhaps this will get me some readers. Is anyone out there? ) . Didn't finish Fifty Shades as couldn't bear to read any more of the dialogue.  What woman in her twenties says 'Holy Moses' or 'Oh my'? So skipped through it, just reading the 'interesting' bits.

Got going on 'The Prague Cemetery' during a bout of insomnia early this morning, reading the first chapter.  Regretted not getting it on Kindle as I could have done with the dictionary feature - it's not an easy read. And tonight got a text telling me that the book club member who had suggested it has found it unreadable and so has selected a different book!  May persist as I did like the first chapter even if the central character is entirely dislikable.

And my first 'inspired folly' of the new year was making my own version of sticky toffee pudding loosely based on Jamie Oliver's recipe.  Very nice with half price brandy flavoured cream from Morrison's. The only alcohol I'm allowing myself for the next week. 

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