Friday, 4 January 2013

Wardrobe Edit Phase One:Boden Dresses

Busy day so just a short post.  No comments yet but have just discovered the stats information which shows that some people have viewed the blog.  So I will keep going.  But if you are reading please do comment as I'd love to hear your views on my posts.

Have started on the wardrobe edit, choosing which of my 3 Boden print dresses will make it onto the list of 33 items I will keep in my decluttered wardrobe. I own three of these, each bought in the Dec/Jan sale in the last three years.   The one pictured above is last year's purchase and I have decided to edit it out. Have decided that the pink in the print isn't great with my already pinkish colouring. And it makes me look a bit chunky.  So out it goes.

Not to a charity shop yet though. I'm not that brave so edited out items will go in the spare room wardrobe for now.

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