Monday, 7 January 2013

To Buy, or not to Buy: the Biker Jacket.

Next Brown Leather Biker Jacket

Roise Milliard in leather

Watching Daybreak over breakfast on Friday, Fashion Girl made some rather unkind comments about journalist Rosie Milliard, who was appearing with Aled on the sofa.  According to FG she was too old (she's 47,  I googled her) to be wearing the black leather biker jacket she had chosen for breakfast telly. I thought she looked great. Couldn't find an image of her in that jacket but here she is in another zip up leather one.  And my neighbour who is 60+ was wearing a biker style jacket with a diagonal zip, admittedly a sheepskin lined one, when I met her last week.  She also looked great.

After my protests FG did accept that it would be OK to wear this style of jacket over the age of forty if it wasn't black.  She has a biker jacket herself, from H&M in pleather with studs on.  She clearly doesn't want her mum to copy her style. 

The new Next directory arrived on Saturday and couldn't help myself  flicking through it and turning down the corners of pages which featured items I need to fill the gaps in my newly decluttered warbrobe (See post later this week.  Have spotted a brown leather biker jacket which could replace the rather dull Lakeland leather one I currently own.  Tempted to order it just to make a point. 

Not sure.  Have made a pledge not to indulge in impulse purchases.  And £160 is quite a lot to pay just to make a point.

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