Saturday, 12 January 2013

What I really wear

Will have to add another item to my Project 333 list.  Forgot to check the downstairs cupboard which stores the outdoor coats.  This red Berghaus waterproof coat is worn practically everyday as I am chief dogwalker in our house and it has of course rained non-stop for most of this year.  It is paired with my very muddy grey/pink walking boots and often accessorised by a lovely green nappy sack of doggy poo.

Above is the offending mutt who I love dearly despite the fact that he is smelly and creates mess everywhere.  Though that criticism could be levelled at other members of the household too.

Will have to therefore remove one item from the 33 in the wardrobe.  It will have to be the most expensive item, the red Jigsaw coat, bought in the outlet store at half price £175 in October.  It's beautiful - soft and really well made with details like a bow on the back.  I wore it quite a lot on the run up to Christmas, feeling very festive in it on occasions such as the Christingle service.  But it seems a bit out of place in grey January.  And it doesn't really go with much in the rest of the wardrobe. Will put it away until next Christmas, but worried whether the styling with the bow detail and the slight flare will date it.  Should have invested in a more classic camel coat with that amount of money.  Another foolish impulse buy I fear.

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