Sunday, 6 January 2013

Sale Bargains?

Have had quite a lot of time to get on with things at home today as any plans to go out were abandoned because of Fashion Girl's (aged13)  nasty cold/flu virus.   So continued with the Wardrobe Edit, consigning to the charity shop bag any items which don't fit properly or which I don't feel comfortable in.

And I have done a lot of thinking about my shopping habits. Many of the things I put in the charity bag were 'sale bargains': a tunic from Next in a print I liked but in a 14 so it has never fitted properly (am a 12) and pastel blue chinos also from Next which are really not flattering on me but I loved the colour.  I didn't buy the chinos when I first tried them on but in the summer sale they were reduced to half price so I bought them.  They still didn't look right and haven't been worn much.  So in fact they were not a bargain at all as, price per wear, they were much more expensive than my £45 jeans which have been worn to death.

Here's an example of a recent bad sale decision.

The Phase Eight Heart Print Twist front dress I wanted but didn't buy at £55

The Boden Pimlico Dress I have bought  for £27
And it's the same with the Boden sale.  I usually don't buy full price Boden as it's kind of out of my budget.  So I stick to the sales.  But of course the things I really wanted in the first place have totally sold out by then (a Great White Shirt).  This year I bought another jersey print dress shown above. I like it.  It fits beautifully; is flattering and comfortable.  But I don't love it.  Or need it.  I bought it because it was £27.  I really wanted the twist front jersey dress from Phase Eight.  But it's still quite pricey, even in the sale.  Didn't buy it.

My new year resolution then. Don't shop in the sales.  Choose what I need and  love. Forget the rest.


  1. Hi Eleanor, thanks for your comment over on my blog! Yes that's a good point about buying sale items and actually even buying clothes in charity shops. They have to be right size, colour, style otherwise even though they are bargains I find they just sit in the wardrobe! Nice to have a teen girl to nudge you in the right direction though! Heather x

    1. Hi Heather. She's a great help, usually... Brutally honest though. Thanks for providing me with my first comment. Was beginning to think no one was out there!