Wednesday, 16 January 2013

Donkey jacket top from M&S

Bought my first item of clothing of the year yesterday.  Bit of an impulse buy as I spotted it while on the way to children's section where I purchased two non-matching Batman T-shirts for my twin nephews' 4th birthday. But I already know it was a good buy as I wore it right away today and it passed the test as it is warm, comfortable and stylish.  It's a black top from M&S which has leather (or leather look) panels on the shoulders in the style of a donkey jacket, though offically it is called a Slash Neck Ponte Top.

Slash Neck Ponte TopI wasn't quite sure what ponte is so I checked it out and the term refers to the fabric which is a kind of jersey - not as bulky as a jumper but thicker and warmer than cotton.  It's quite fitted too so I wore it tucked in to my Red/Black Geometric Print Skirt (Wardrobe Item 6). Also like the three quarter length sleeve.  Not sure about the leather trim at first but think it will look quite good too with my Next skirt with the leather trim on the waist and pockets.  So this item is added to the 33 to replace the black cotton long sleeve t-shirt (26) which is too chilly for the current weather.  No picture of me today - no time what with all the de-icing to be done this morning.

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