Saturday, 26 January 2013

Project 333 - footwear crisis!

Item 7 M&S Suede skirt, Item 4  Lakeland Leather Jacket, Item 27 Next Black ribbed polo neck

Oh dear - bad hair day.  Thought twice about uploading this photo but currently no one looking at my blog so it doesn't matter much. Have to admit to cheating.  Current cold spell and melting snow have meant that shoes aren't much use and boots are required.  My Project 333 footwear section has two pairs of boots and one is a pair of ankle boots with heels.  Really not practical for current icy conditions (though it is thawing as I write).  What is more I simply cannot bring myself to wear ankle boots with skirts.  So added another pair of boots when I wore this outfit - brown leather ones with a bit of a heel from Gabor - which I had consigned to the spare room wardrobe.  Still sticking to 33 items as some of the clothes on the original list are unwearable in the current climate. So have put away Item 15 on the original list, (See post on 9th January) the Next White Shirt which hasn't been worn yet.

Have also had to resort to wellies as the journey from the car park into work, a mere 50 metres or so, has been so treacherous that I have needed something with a bit of grip. Haven't got anything else with proper tyre-style grippy soles so wore the wellies and changed when I got onto dry land.  These wellies, from Sainsbury's I think, are now a shared wardrobe item with Fashion Girl.

We are almost the same size in shoes, somewhere between 4 and 5. Sadly this does not apply to the rest of our bodies- she's a 6; I'm twice that.  But it does mean that I can just about squeeze into the most expensive pair of boots in the house - her Uggs.  She acquired these when they were the must-have wardrobe item a couple of years ago using a very sneaky tactic.  She sent me a begging letter by email, using paragraphs, connectives and persuasive devices.  Knows how to get round her English teacher mum. We forked out the £169 and didn't eat for a month.

Don't like the look of Uggs much, but do like the cosy sheepskin lining. She's not worn them much this year so am considering borrowing them. If I can force my feet into them, ugly sister-like. Might only be a 4 length wise but my feet expanded widthwise when I was pregnant and never went back. 

Will have to stick to the wellies.

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