Wednesday, 9 January 2013

Project 333 - the launch

So wardrobe is decluttered and my 33 items have been selected. Most of this was achieved at the weekend, but I've spend a few days thinking hard and removing a few more items in order to reach the target.  I love how neat and spacious the wardrobe is now.  And to be honest most of the things I actually wear are still there.  I've not been too strict about things like accessories and jewellery: will put all scarves in one category and all jewellery in another.  Do handbags count?  Can anyone help me on this?

What I have noticed is how few wearable tops I actually have to go with the trousers and skirts in my wardrobe. The selection here is basically everything I have that is not cheap and nasty or the wrong colour.  And some of them need replacing.

So a shopping list:

White shirt
Black top (Crossover style?)
Colour top to go with black trousers
Black shoes with wearable heel to replace well worn ones above right

No time to list the individual items now.  Hope to do this tomorrow and plan some outfits using the column system devised by Linda at making things beautiful again.  Then I will take a photo of what I wear each day and post this every few days.  Perhaps not for 3 months but for one at least.

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