Saturday, 19 January 2013

Pri-marni and Me

Just walking into our local Primark store disturbs me.  There's just so much stuff jammed onto the rails and not much space between them.  Much prefer Jigsaw with those lovely wooden hangers and selection of lovely-but-out-of-my-budget clothes.

Not that I actually shop much in Primark. I know I shouldn't anyway - the clothes are cheap because some unfortunate workers are being exploited and underpaid; the quality is often poor and disposable fashion is bad for the environment.  But Fashion Girl is quite keen on it so did venture in there before Christmas to buy some stocking fillers for her.  Got a maroon pompom scarf, a pair of fingerless gloves with a nifty little hat you can pull over to transform them into mittens and a two pack of black sparkly socks all for around £10.  And she has a really useful hooded navy gilet which looks a lot like the £98 Jack Wills one which some of her friends own.  It was worn illegally the other day over her school tracksuit for outdoor PE. It was well worth the £12 it cost.

I'd be lying too if I claimed never to wear anything from Primark.  Most have been presents.  The pyjamas above were from my sister and are really cosy and cheerful with a bird print and a velvet ribbon at the waist.

I also have quite a few scarves, mainly presents from Fashion Girl.  The red, white and blue took me through jubilee summer and the nautical print one is lovely and silky.  Both seem well made and there's a lot of fabric for what they cost - less than a fiver each she tells me. 

But the Primark purchase I wear most is this silver/grey scarf which was originally bought by me for her but is now a shared wardrobe item.  It's kind of brocadey with a rose print and I like it because it sort of lifts things that might be too grey on their own.

So I'll be braving the crowds, chaos and clutter in Primark again. If my conscience lets me.

Grey M&S ribbed polo, Grey M&S wool dress, Grey M&S Waterfall Cardigan, Primark Scarf

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